February Meeting



DATE:††† †††††††† Thursday, February 28, 2007


††††††††††††††††††††††† NEW MEETING PLACE:

LOCATION:††† Taltree Arboretum & Gardens

††††††††††††††††††††††† 450 West, 100 North

††††††††††††††††††††††† Valparaiso, IN


PROGRAM:††† Patty Stimmel from Taltree (also ††††††††††††††††††††††† our newest member) will talk ††††††††††††††††††††††† about the Aboretum


TIME:††††††††††††† 7:30 PM

††††††††††††††††††††††† Meeting & program, followed by ††††††††††††††††††††††† refreshments



2008 Officers



Adolph Ferber




1st Vice President

Dale Fadley



2nd Vice President



Show Chairman

Karl Bapst






Doris Fadley









Yvonne Peterson






Calendar of Events


February 28†† Presentation by Patty Stimmel, ††††††††† Taltree ††††††††††† Arboretum


March 27†††††††††† tba


April 24†††††††††††† tba


May 29†††††††††††† tba


June 26†††††††††††† tba


July 31††††††††††††† tba


August 28†††††††† Annual Picnic Ė date tentative


September 25††† DRS membersí ďSmall Rose ShowĒ


October 30††††††† tba


November 27†††† Annual Dinner







Consulting Rosarians

Have questions about growing roses?Consult an expert.


Karl Bapst, MR




Adolph Ferber, CR




Clarence Albers,

Emeritus Consulting Rosarian


Norm Backus,

Emeritus Consulting Rosarian


Agnes Medvecz,

Emeritus Consulting Rosarian



Letter From the Prez

by Adolph Ferber




Happy New Year everyone. Hereís hoping that the best days of 2007 be your worst days in 2008. Last year is finally over and, at least for me, not too memorable. Between Duneland and Sauk Trail, I missed almost every meeting, skipped two rose shows and two garden walks. But most of all, I neglected to talk to my roses until October and will probably ďpay the piper.Ē Ladies just donít like to be ignored and Iíve been apologizing ever since. I do want to thank those members that watered, sprayed and fertilized my roses. Without their help, my plants would have ďbitten the dustĒ long before wintertime. However, I am still concerned that they will struggle through the winter, especially if we continue to experience 60+ degree weather creating freezing and thawing cycles.Nevertheless I am eternally optimistic and remain positive taking one day at a time.


I have always considered January/February to be very productive months for rosarians. Hopefully your roses are asleep and your garden bed squeaking clean so there is practically nothing to do outside but plenty of homework and research to do inside. For starters, prepare a hot toddy and relax in your cozy chair in front of the fireplace. Cruise the rose catalogs, American Rose magazines, and rose books. The Jan/Feb 2008 issue of ARS contains a two-page listing of nurseries so check it out. The internet is another good source of information. Once youíve developed your ďmust haveĒ list, check to see what the society is selling. You canít beat our prices and quality.


Just a warning Ė beware of pretty rose pictures. Many of the pictures are taken in cooler climates giving the roses a much deeper color and size. Just to play it safe, check with your local CR for his or her opinion. Viewing roses at a show is another good option. Horizon Roses issues a publication containing candid reports on new varieties even before they become available for sale. You can obtain a copy by sending a $10 check to Bob Martin, 3683 E. Tremaine Ct., Gilbert, Arizona, 85234.


If you have the ďitchy-twitchies,Ē cabin fever, or whatever, go in the garage and sharpen your shears, saws, shovels, etc. If you are really ambitious and have time on your hands, practice cutting off the dead portions of your rose canes.


See you at our next meeting and among other things, we will talk about the latest terrorist threat to our country Ė the Chilli Thrip.





Karlís Korner

by Karl Bapst


Well, here we are coming up to March already. Unlike the past few years, winter has stayed with us without the usual warm spells that have started our roses into premature bud swelling and leafing out. When that happens, many of us get an overwhelming urge to begin spring chores, including early pruning. Last year we got caught in the Easter freeze that damaged the new growth so badly it affected the spring bloom for many of us. Not so much those who grow hardy shrub roses, but more so for those growing hybrid teas.

That freeze affected growth well into the summer as cold-damaged canes died off for no apparent reason as healthy-looking canes wilted and died within a day or so.


The moral of the story is not to get excited by a warm spell that encourages early growth and begin pruning. Had we waited until mid April as has been recommended in the past, we could have avoided pruning twice to remove the freeze-damaged growth. Early warm spells will occur with the resulting growth, thereís nothing we can do about that. Crap happens! We can avoid the impulse to get out and prune too soon. By waiting, weíll avoid all but the very latest freezes.


Should we get warm days and you want to get out in the garden, clean up fallen twigs and branches and rake the yard to get rid of leaves. Leaves lying on the lawn as it begins to green up can cause the grass under them to die leaving bare spots in your lawn.Donít remove winter protection yet. Doing so will expose the soil to the sunís rays, warming and thawing it. This can also cause early growth as sap starts to flow.


Iíve found another source for goatskin gauntlets that I can sell for $10.00 a pair. So far they only come in menís sizes 10 through 13. I have average size menís hands. Size 13, XXL, is sloppy on me. Size 12, XL, is a little loose. Size 11, L, fits me good. Size 10, menís small, are too tight for me but, although a little loose for my wife, she likes the way they fit her and she has small hands. Iím getting a dozen pair of each size and will bring them to the meeting in March.


My trip to pick up roses in Michigan will be a little later this year. Iíve agreed to give a program for a society in Southeast Michigan and Great Lakes Roses is letting me wait two weeks to avoid making two trips.

Iím getting 60 fewer plants this year as I try to over- winter my own cuttings.


The ARS Illinois-Indiana Spring District meeting is being held on March 15 in Covington, IN. Itíll be held at the Beef House at the junction of I-74 and Rt. 63. Itís easy to get to. Take Route 41 to State Route 63. From Routes 30 and 41 itís 100 miles or about a two hour drive.Nancy and I have been there before and the food is great.


Think Spring!

Remember to

And donít sweat the small stuff.

Real Men Grow Roses


Karl Bapst


Directions to Taltree

From Lake County and the I-65 overpass on Route 30 by the Southlake Mall:

Go east 8.1 miles to county road 500W. There's a stop light at that intersection with a United Quick Stop gas station and convenience store on the southwest corner. Just before you get to 500W there will be a sign showing to turn to Lake Eliza and Taltree. 500W is also the road to go to Shorewood Forest.


From Porter County/Valparaiso and the stoplight on Route 30 at the WalMart entrance:

Go west 7.4 miles to the stoplight at 500W.

From either direction follow the directions below once you've made the turn off of Route 30 onto 500W.


Go 1.8 miles to the Taltree Office/classrooms entrance. A sign will be on your left at the entrance. Follow the road back past the first building and back to the greenhouse on your right. Park by the greenhouse which is attached to the office building. The Classroom/ meeting room is behind the greenhouse. Arrangements will be made to make sure you can find the place.


Caution: Going down 500W from Route 30, the first Taltree sign will be to the main entrance of the arboretum on 100N.Don't turn onto 100N, go straight on 500W.†††


You can find a map at their website along with other information about the arboretum:www.taltree.org/info.lasso


Here are more detailed directions from Patty:


The entrance for the classroom and offices is from 500West. There is another entrance for the Arboretum from 100 North but this is the main entrance to the trails and such, donít take that one. The one off of 500 is the entrance to the business end etc.  A large mailbox will have 71North 500 West on it.  There is also a brown Taltree sign with white writing prior to the entrance coming from either direction. It looks like you will be turning into a private drive because you will be.  Once you turn in to the drive, the founderís mansion is on the left.  Continue past it towards the large barn.  Follow the drive around the barn and park in the lot.  The barn with the greenhouse attached is the building you want.  There will be a sign in front directing everyone through the greenhouse and out the other side where the employee commons area is.  If you look straight ahead there will be a glass door leading out the side of the building. I plan on putting a sign on it saying Classroom This Way.  Thereís a short walk (20-25 feet) down the sidewalk to the small building where the meeting will be held.  Coffee and bottled water will be provided.  There is a sink and a restroom in the larger building (barn) back the 20-25 ft. walk.  Any questions, feel free to contact me directly. 

Patricia Stimmel
Taltree Arboretum & Gardens
71 North 500 West
, In 46385
(219) 462-0025



         Dues are due once again.Still a great bargain at $10/person.